Keeping Ipswich moving

Princes Street/Civic Drive new junction
What is the project all about?

The Travel Ipswich project aspires to improve traffic management and promote smarter travelling choices eg bus, walking and cycling, to address the main transport issues facing Ipswich in the future. Click here for some more background information.

The scheme is aimed at improving travel for all users of the town whether they be vehicle users, cyclists, pedestrians, taxi or bus passengers.  The funding for the scheme came primarily from the Department of Transport for the purposes of development of the town.  An important part of the scheme is provision of information about traffic congestion and actual bus times and cycle routes available.  This will allow people to make informed decisions on how to get into and around the town

The project should be completed by this autumn. There are a number of schemes which make up all the improvements across the town, and we have already started to see some real progress with two modernised bus stations, enhanced areas around St Margaret's Street, Old Cattle Market and Museum Street.  Also, the unpleasant Civic Drive roundabout has been transformed into an aesthetically boosted area with safer on-street pedestrian crossings rather than the dismal subway. 

For further information on improvement work that has already been completed as part of the Travel Ipswich scheme click here. 

London Road / Paul’s Road

Work will started here on Monday 28th July to upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing. This work is expected to last three weeks. Works have been planned at this location to coincide with the school holidays, minimising disruption at the adjacent school.

Commercial Road/Princes Street junction

Work will be carried out here to further improve the main walking route from the station to the town centre via Princes Street. Works at this location are expected to start on Monday 11th August and are expected to last 3 months. Click here for further information.

The Ipswich Society

High praise for some Travel Ipswich projects in Ipswich Society's July Newsletter!  Click here for details.